Inner City Tennis Project
Making A Difference In The  Lives of Children
Mission Statement: To foster the development of citizenship, scholarship and fair play in children aged five to eighteen through the use of tennis training, academic assistance, and a nurturing social environment.
Keeping Children ON the Court, Not IN Court
 To foster in each child a sense of personal and community responsibility.
  • To provide children with information and tools to avoid substance abuse, smoking, and violence
  • To help children achieve success in school
  • To provide nutritional information that will help children learn to practice healthy eating habits
  • To teach children the benefit of an active lifestyle
  • To assist children in securing academic scholarships and athletic grants
  • To enable children to learn and enjoy the lifetime sport of tennis

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The Facility
Cincinnati, Ohio
The Inner City Tennis Project was established in 1986 to provide an affordable tennis experience to children in Greater Cincinnati, with an emphasis on increasing participation of inner city youth.

Keep KIDS On The Court